positioning strategy for your business

How to Identify the Perfect Positioning Strategy for Your Business in 2023 

When a company’s offerings are out of touch with its target market, its performance tends to suffer dramatically. 

Every business needs to focus on offering its products to the right audience to increase sales and succeed. The key to achieving this lies in giving your company or product a tone that appeals to your target audience. 

And to do this, you must research and discover as much as possible about your target market and what tones generally appeal to them. But sadly, this is where most startups struggle.

Most founders neglect the importance of conducting market research because it’s expensive. However, without a proper understanding of your market, you’ll almost always pick a tone that most of your customers won’t instantly connect with, which can hamper your brand’s success.

Perfect Positioning Strategy for Your Business
Perfect Positioning Strategy for Your Business

And so, we performed this in-depth study to help founders understand how different customers respond to organizations with modern, innovative tones vs. those with traditional ones.

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What Motivated This Survey?

We were interested in learning which businesses clients preferred and how age differences affected their decisions. 

As a business owner, you must focus on harmonizing your brand identity and personality, tone, voice, and messaging to your target audience’s expectations. And the best way to harmonize all these elements is by getting a captivating brand name.

To achieve the best outcomes for your brand, picking a unique name—whether by brainstorming or using a business name generator—that captures the essence of your company should be your priority.

The results we got make it easy to determine what kinds of brands different customer demographics in your market typically appreciate and prefer.

But to achieve our study’s goal, we interviewed American customers to see if they preferred doing business with companies that used classic and traditional brand tones or those that used new and trendy ones.

How Relevant is This Study? – Finding the Perfect Positioning Strategy for Your Business

Choosing the proper brand positioning strategy is one of the most vital decisions that business owners make when starting or rebranding their company since it has a big impact on how consumers engage with and perceive your brand.

However, before developing a brand positioning strategy, you must first research your target demographic and find out the kinds of businesses and products they favour. 

If your chosen brand tone does not appeal to your target market, your company will lose touch with its core consumer base, and competitors will quickly overtake you.

Here’s a Quick Review of Our Findings

We separated the data we obtained into age categories to make our results easier to use. And despite the fact that the poll findings were not unexpected, the responses we received were rather intriguing.

Here are the findings from the 301 survey respondents we got feedback from:

  • According to our research, younger clientele between the ages of 25 and 34 are significantly more likely to go for businesses with a current and trendy tone.
Courtesy: Squadhelp

  • Customers aged 35 to 45 value contemporary and cutting-edge enterprises. However,  given how closely tied the results were, it’s evident that both strategies will appeal to this group.
Courtesy: Squadhelp

  • According to the study, customers aged 45 to 54 choose classic and traditional businesses over trendy ones.
Courtesy: Squadhelp

  • Consumers aged 55 to 65 are especially drawn to brands with traditional tones.
Courtesy: Squadhelp
  • Following our polls, we find that men have no preference for either old or new businesses.
Courtesy: Squadhelp
  • Contrarily, women prefer well-known, established businesses over new, imaginative start-ups.
Courtesy: Squadhelp
  • Among the 301 participants, 143 favoured innovative, creative ventures, while 158 selected established, traditional businesses.
Courtesy: Squadhelp

Ensure you determine which age bracket the majority of your target market belongs to and pick a tone that’ll apply to them.

Maintain a Consistent Tone

Use the results from our findings to shape your company’s branding strategy, sales tactics, and brand image. Yes, it will take time, knowledge, and work to develop a strong brand image for your firm, but if your brand tone is consistent, your organization will be easily identifiable and valued in your niche

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