Businesses are living entities!

A business is a living entity, breathing, growing, and making impact on nature!

The core of every business is growth. Animals grow through their life until death and every business is a reasonable replica of this cycle.

The laws of business and the laws of nature hold between them several similarities, both of which determine survival.

A business is an entity created with the intent to grow and survive by defying every odd

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Life cycle from birth to death in animals consists of different stages with different levels of attendant responsibilities and abilities.

Growth validates businesses and establishes them also as living entities. Different key performance indicators are put in place in order to accurately measure the life force of the business.

This in many ways is similar to taking the vitals of animals in order to ascertain life and health


Businesses shaped by government policies and all other factors that define enabling or disabling environments that determine the chances of survival of the business environment

This compares directly with the survival of animals in wild life and how the different factors including presence or absence of predators, food, good weather determine the adaptability and survival of the animals.


Animals are always on the lookout for predators that may threaten their existence.

In nature, natural selection fuels the same kind of motivation for change through mutation and natural selection.

Business are creations designed to be competitive all their life The mantra is compete or die in most business landscapes. There is an endless reel out of marketing gimmicks to suppress opposition, maintain superior market share and establish themselves as the category king

In business, competition can drive it to extinction, or can be the catalyst for innovation. If a new business has the right strengths, it will begin to grow and scale in order to ensure its survival.


Over the centuries, a critical study of animals has shown that they learn from the occurrences in their environment in order to ensure survival.

In Businesses, the nature of the competition and color of the business environment it finds itself puts necessity on the business to innovate and evolve into an entity that is able to weather the storm and grow in defiance to the odds


Animals go into extinction and die off when situations become grossly unfavorable and cannot adapt or evolve in synchrony with the changing environment

Businesses also go extinct due to these same reasons and a bit more. They are managed by professionals which represents a possibility for the business to turn the tides in its favor.

Businesses are living entities!

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