X-as-a-Service: Service Economy

The concept of x-as-a-service or y-as-a-service is founded on the need to build scalable models that can accommodate just about any scale of investment.

This fast-rising service industry is lending credence to the need for scalability in any business venture.

Either your business is inherently scalable or you provide an extra layer over it that makes it scalable

Anyways, scalability must be achieved in your enterprise in order to make a good profit and ensure posterity.

Case study


A one-man can rider can only do so much

If someone decides to buy 2 cars for him in an investment round, he cannot possibly drive the two at once.

Investing in his business has a ceiling and the ceiling is not even far-fetched.

Making your offer as a service helps you to rethink your model 


Determine the processes that you can automate in order to reach a wider audience.

Scaling is not always about opening new stores or hiring more people


Scaling is automating, If your automation requires more people then hire that else doesn’t.

 Thinking of mobility as a service is what differentiates Uber from that bus/cab driver.

Maas(Mobility as a service) over Mass transit

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