Business hub one running a successful business

You have been running your business the wrong way; 4 Tips on running a successful business.

If you run a business, there are structures you have to put in place at any level you are currently at that will guarantee that you will get to the next level you are aiming for.

Business hub one running a successful business

4 Tips on running a successful business.

  1. Registering your Business
  2. Business Account
  3. Social Proof
  4. Proper Documentation

Registering your Business

Anybody that wants to deal with you/invest in your business will ask if you are registered.

The moment you say ‘no’, you are not worth considering.

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Business Account

Nobody is going to fund a business that runs from a personal account.Worse off is if it’s a partnership that runs from an individual account.

There are several business account solutions today tha

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Social Proof

When potential customers search for you online, what do they see.What they see is the image of your business, in today’s terms it is even your credibility.If you have social media accounts, keep them updated it will go a long way in speaking for your when you don’t even know.

Proper Documentation

Write everything down

Generate invoices for your customers, generate receipts Have a business transaction ledger.

Keep everything documented, they form the building blocks of your business. It is of no value, if you have been running your business for 5 years and you don’t even know your yearly revenue, net profit or number of customers.You are harming your business that way.

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