Beware of instant gratification!

Beware of instant gratification



The process of building a startup is filled with a lot of ups and downs.

Instant gratification is one activity that can add to the impact of the possible downs in the path of startup.

Instant gratification is that need to do things to provide self validation and almost always do things beyond the means of the financing available to the startup. – These can involve fancy offices, large staff bonuses, and many more excessive expensive.

Delaying instant gratification is one of the sure ways to ensure the startup gets through the tough beginnings to become a king in the sector it has found itself.

Building a startup to scale can be difficult if the resources are limited.

For most startups the resources are almost always limited in the beginning and there is need to put every system in place for the optimization of the the resources available in order to achieve the goal of building the startup to success.