m36 by union bank

M36 by Union Bank seeks to give Investors the ‘Freedom to choose’

Union bank has unveiled a digital investing app that seeks to give investors the freedom to choose.

M36, has been designed to deliver investment products directly to individuals, has launched in Nigeria. M36 offers investment options not typically available on self-service digital platforms including foreign currency transactions, commercial papers, local and foreign-denominated bonds, treasury bills and other fixed-income products. 

M36 also offers bespoke solutions for both new and experienced investors as well as a 24-hour lifestyle concierge service to meet the needs of discerning customers. 

M36 Services

  1. Wealth Management
  2. Lifestyle solutions
    M36 also offers loans, personal travel allowance, will and trust services and many more essential products under its Life Essentials menu.  
  3. Digital Concerge
    With the 24-hour concierge service, M36 users can access round the clock support from investment advisors as they actively manage their portfolios. 
  4. Investments

The Rise of Pocket friendly Investing

When you consider the performance of Goldman Sachs as a public company, you will realize that serving just the 1% may not deliver the alpha since massive reduction in information asymmetry makes relying on extremely expensive financial products a bad strategy. So, today, GS has joined the mass market, selling credit cards, looking for $1,000 investors, and more. Since that pivot, the stock performance has been visible. This is what technology does – it reduces marginal cost, removes information asymmetry and makes it possible to serve many customers, optimally. Volume matters because the unbounded supply of information has diminished the value of old-century proprietary reports. – Tekedia

In a rapidly evolving environment with changing consumer behaviour fueled by technology and growing access to information, M36 is looking to expand opportunities for investors at all levels, while also simplifying the process of investing. 

M36 was developed by Union Bank as part of its strategic focus on delivering superior customer solutions leveraging technology and innovation. The Bank partnered with several asset management companies to deliver a broad range of investment products on the M36 platform. Advertisement

Chuka Emerole, Head, Treasury at Union Bank said about M36:  

M36 eliminates the traditional barriers to investing and offers investors direct access to financial instruments that would usually require the service of an investment or relationship manager. We’ve designed M36 to ensure simplicity in the onboarding and investing process while also empowering the customer to make sound investment choices based on their financial objectives. We worked with key partners to deliver both the experience and products on M36 and are confident that we have launched a superior product in today’s marketplace.”

The M36 app is available for download on the App Store and the Google Play Store. For more information on M36, Click here

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