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How do I Scale my Business  


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What are the steps i need to take to scale my business?

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Scaling is most times business-specific

The type of business will determine the things that will need to be put in place or changed in order to scale effectively

One core principle however is to find a way to do things even when you are not there!

E.g for a physical store
Scaling would mean opening more stores and this would mean the business had to have the ability to run even when you are not there as you cannot possibly be on all the stores at the same time!

If your main business model is unable to generate enough revenue to scale

But one might need to add a few other services to ensure the customer value is enough to pay for your more complex organization setup and prevent putting too much strain on the price of washing a particular car


In order to scale your business

Understand your Business Model

Identify the processes that need to be automated or outsourced to make your business scalable

Automate your core processes 

Create aa scalable organisational structure