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Venture Guide 05 - What are you Building?  

John Omokayode

What are you Building?

It's easier to call yourself a founder than to be very clear on what you have set out to do.

In building new enterprises, what guarantees success is not a launch party or even launch press. It goes a bit deeper than that.

There has to be a clear focus on what you have set out to build and a clear strategy for entering the market/finding customers for its product.

This post is focussed on "The clear focus on the particular problem you have set out to solve"

One must reckon that there are several situations that might require that a startup pivots repeatedly around its core focus in a bid to find the perfect product-market fit.

It is significantly easier to answer the question of "What are you Building" if you rephrase the question as "What problem are you solving" and move on from there.

The level of difficulty you face as a founder in answering this question will simply be in direct proportion to how fast you will break the sandbox and find traction in your startup.






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