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The True Value of your Business: Posterity  

John Omokayode

 the true value of your Business

There may be many ways to approach this, but today i will be coming from the posterity standpoint
The posterity standpoint

If your business cannot successfully outlast you, or your presence, you dont have a valuable business.

Case Study: Ford motor company

After a series of founding and faltering, The ford motor company was incorporated on June 16, 1903, with 12 investors owning a total of 1000 shares.
 Today, Ford is the largest family-controlled company in the world, and has been in continuous family control for over 110 years.
 Ford currently owns the Lincoln brand and once owned the Jaguar, Aston Martin, Volvo and the Landrover

 Case study 2: Flour Mills Nig Plc

The Flour Mills is considered a largely successful Nigerian Business, having operated for almost all of the time Nigeria has been Independent and weathered the harsh conditions that plague the business landscape in Nigeria.

FMN was founded in 1962 and owns the brand Golden penny and diversified holdings in almost 13 other businesses including Premier feed mils, Apapa Bulk Terminal, Rom oils etc

Take Away

one KEY thing stands out from these two case studies

Diversified Interest

 It is significantly harder to survive in Business across generations if you do not a diversified portfolio for your Business

(1) It is most likely easier to go into two or three other businesses as a result of the one you are currently practising
(2) This new business can in turn help boost the profits of your current Business

The mix of scalability and diversified Portfolio are essential ingredients in building businesses that last and can weather the test of time and defy every surrounding limitation

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