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Billionaire 2020

John Omokayode

As much as there was a lot of rant as regards the outbreak of the pandemic

In retrospect, 2020, on the billionaire level was a very promising year and brought in a lot of increase in networth for existing billionaires and made billionaires out of millionaires

By 2021/11 months into the pandemic

The billionaire table had changed with so much increase and businessmen like *Elon Musk* has emerged as the RICHEST in the WORLD

Key Takeaways

  1. Despite all that happened, there was still a kind of positioning that ensured that BUSINESS moved ON(and in some climes BETTER than USUAL)
  2. Changes have occured and there is a lot to be done to not be left out.
  3. Job security was once a thing that people strove for before the pandemic.
  4. Rapid changing work environment - Today, how fast you can change jobs seems to be the new normal!
  5. Upskilling is essential to stay relevant - The new normal it to keep moving from better Jobs to best jobs



Businesses that look to stay afloat going forward have to find ways to participate in the trendC

Create LAYERS OF VALUE on top of what you currently operate to keep the business afloat and/or bring more value.


AirBnb was a company that offered lodging for tourists largely
By the time the pandemic hit, there was no more tourist travel and their revenue took a hit

Their scheduled Initial public offering (IPO) seemed to be off the table

Few months into the pandemic, the company created another layer of value and offered their apartments up for people that wanted to work from locations other than their home

This enables the company to even make more money than it made pre-COVID and have it's IPO coming along well.

Moving Forward!

There is evidently a new normal and things might take a bit of time to return to normal.

Several businesses would need to find ways their previous business models would be able to fit into the new situations and continue to operate.

Working from home has saved businesses a lot of money in office space, cleaning costs office supplies etc.

There is surely a way you can modify your business model to benefit from existing situations and make lemonades out of it!

Cheers to bigger 2021🎊

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